Julie got the kinesiology degree in 2007 at the Institute Seveline, it is also recognized ASCA since 2012.

Your body speaks to me; so I contacted the old memories, your emotions, your physical pain, tension and stress. Therapeutic care kinesiology allows to find peace and harmony. It lightens your daily worries and solves causing problems. It regulates the flow of energy in your body and allows for better health. I help you to see more clearly in your life and I bring you the keys and support in order to continue on your way to a more serene and confident.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing which is a simple and accurate tool. Thanks to it, I get in touch with your body conscious and subconscious. I am thus guided by your body and we dénouons emotional and psychological knots. You feel so calm and centered. I finish a session with a relaxation-relaxation to help you integrate smooth the session.

Having participated in numerous workshops around the world to hone kinesiologist training, Julie has a kinesiology based on the felt. It is through deep listening of your Being and your experience, I'll raise my feelings to find even more precise sources of emotional blockages, mental or physical.

Certified ASCA

Applied Kinesiology
Hot Stone Massage


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