For as long as she can remember, Jeanine Munyeshuli Barbé has wondered about the question of life’s meaning… As a child, for instance, she took great care to avoid stepping on ants. In a more formal way, yoga became a part of her life in 2000 when she was preparing to give birth and was looking for a way to cope with the stress of working in finance.

Sanskrit struck Jeanine as surprisingly familiar while the poses gave her back that joy we all experience in childhood. She refined her practice through several trips abroad and the wonderful opportunities to meet with seasoned practitioners. The most important and enriching encounter was with Ruth Lauer-Manenti (who became her mentor) and Sharon Gannon, the cofounder of Jivamukti Yoga.

"It is a privilege to belong to this tradition and pure happiness to pass on these lessons in yoga, which transformed my life."


Basic Jivamukti for Beginners

Basic Jivamukti classes are part of a 4-week program featuring a different theme each week:

  • Week 1: Upright poses
  • Week 2: Forward bends
  • Week 3: Backbends
  • Week 4: Inversions, meditation and "putting everything together"

This cycle of classes concentrates especially on alignment. You will learn how to get into the poses and how to make the best use of the equipment (belts, blocks, etc.). It is an ideal series of lessons to prepare for taking an “open” class. Beginners are strongly encouraged to sign up for 4 weeks. More advanced students will greatly benefit from exploring and refining their own practice.

You can join this class at any time.


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