Asuka lends her many techniques to the style that best suits the individual at a precise moment in time, as well as a sensitive and understanding evaluation of corporal development during treatment, an assessment that she continually updates and refines.

Asuka traveled for several years exploring as many techniques as she could:

  • In Japan, an initiation in Reiki by Onishi sisters
  • In China, in a Shaolin temple, the practice of massage is an integral part of daily kung fu training
  • In Thailand, she earned a degree in traditional Thai massage and plantar reflexology
  • In India, she trained with Sarda Ji, a grande dame of ayurvedic treatment from Varanasi / Benares
  • In the Himalayas, at Subbody Butoh Dance, shiatsu is practiced as a physical preparation for dance

Asuka has deepened her techniques in Switzerland by taking degrees in the following areas:

  • Quantum-Touch I and II, which allows her to also work on the energy sphere at the same time
  • Chiropratic medicine and traditional adjustment techniques, which allow her to treat and sometimes resolve more specific health issues, notably back ailments, sciatica, migraine, neck cramps and injuries and sinus infections

Adapted Massage
Thai Massage
Slimming Massage


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