An adapted massage is a carefully calibrated blend of different techniques for an optimal adaptation to your needs.

Adapted massage entails a selection or fusion of a range of therapeutic practices. All approaches are considered. The priority is to adapt the massage to the specifics of your body.

A session that has more in common with a sports massage, for example, is one possibility, enabling the body to free itself of impurities on every level. Adapted to slimming and anticellulite programs, but also to heavier bodies with a thicker, less pliant skin. If you suffer from chronic migraine, back problems, sciatica, or lethargy and lymph-related concerns, you will benefit greatly from this massage.

On the other hand, if you are of a more delicate nature, have a lighter, less solid constitution, or are hypersensitive, a gentler, relaxing approach that is no less cleansing is the kind of massage best suited to you. Oxygen and blood are induced to circulate more freely and fluidly throughout the body, ultimately enabling it to regulate itself.


60 minutes CHF 150
90 minutes CHF 200


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