This treatment focuses on the devotional, ceremonial and meditative aspects of touch. His art involves the ability to release repressed emotions and traumas that reveal themselves as tensions in the body. He uses the power of earthly attraction and tenderness as a vehicle for healing. A true journey inward, this treatment begins with a floor treatment: a dialogue with the therapist and a tension-relieving massage. This first step allows you to take a step back and invites you to relax. After the massage, the therapist lifts the client gently in the air, balancing on his hands and feet and guides him through movement. The postures adapt to tension and flexibility and each has a specific action on the body.

Tulamassage & Tulayoga harmonize the endocrine and nervous systems, lower heart rate and blood pressure, release accumulated tension, lengthen the spine, increase mobility and promote alignment.

Produced by Louka Leppard

Louka Leppard is the founder of Tulammasage and Tulayoga.



CHF 300.-/ 90 min

CHF 400.-/ 120 min

CHF 500.-/ 150 min


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