Shiatsu is a treatment originally from Japan. In Japanese language, it means "Fingers pressure". It is considered holistic because the soul, the mind and the body are both treated. The therapist gives his treatment through the palms of his hands, his fingers especially the thumbs and his body weight. following the Meridian system along "key" channels.
After this therapy, you will get relieved from your daily work stress, headaches and even traumas. Shiatsu also promotes a better circulation of energy helping to hold, restore and maintain the energy system in the body.
Shiatsu helps from the very beginning of pregnancy to the end as it relieves from ligament pains.
Among children, it reduces difficulties to sleep or over activities. Note that during treatment, every child has to be with their mother or father.


60 minutes / CHF 150.-
90 minutes / CHF 200.-

*This therapy does not pretend to substitute medical care in any way.

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