In the wake of scientific discoveries around fascia, the world of yoga is beginning to understand the crucial importance to our overall health of this fibrous, highly innervated ''spider's web'' that wraps and separates all internal structures while connecting them.

As a result, practices are evolving to promote the health of this connective tissue, which not only responds to, but influences, our physical and psycho-emotional state. 

Work on fascia is still exploratory in yoga; however, it involves a fluid, slow and mostly three-dimensional approach, less focused on strict alignments and more on range of motion. Anne therefore now offers a quasi-choregraphic ''fascia flow'' for the ''Yang'' (dynamic) part of the class, designed to free the tissues while creating a deep connection with her physical sensations. Then follows the ''Yin'' part: floor postures held for longer periods of time and focused on letting go of the body and psycho-emotional.


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